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Design Thinking Makes It Safe for Employees

Design Thinking Makes It Safe for Employees

I was fortunate enough to help out on the first hr.hackathon in Detroit, an idea launched by Nicole Dessain of talent.imperative.

Christina Chateauvert and other volunteers believed in the idea enough to take it to Detroit with the first topic being, “How might we collaborate with employees to co-create an improved employee experience?”

What was the top idea from my breakout group in the hr.hackathon? Making it safe for employees, of course. Not “safe” as in body harm but “safe” as in psychological safety. Being able to give direct feedback. Being able to say what you think without fear or repercussions. Eliminating this fear and building trust.

How HR.Hackathon Inspired Me

Kelli Koschmann, VP of Talent at Sittercity, shares in this brief video how attending hr.hackathon events and taking Nicole Dessain’s “Design Thinking 101 for Talent Leaders” Skillshare online course inspired her to experiment with design thinking inside her organization.

Check out which challenge she “hacked”.